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Paycheck Review

We live in a world of numbers.  They’re on signs, calendars, clocks, microwaves, bills, phones, you name it.  Most of the time, we scarcely give these numbers a second’s thought.  We’re so used to seeing them, we ignore them and get on with our day.  But as you know, some numbers are more important than others—like the ones found on your paycheck.  Do you know what all those numbers mean?

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Back to Basics #5

Take a moment to think about the future.  What do you see yourself doing?  Traveling the world?  Starting a new business?  Playing with grandkids?  Taking up that hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing?  Getting in shape?  Improving your short game?  Or maybe just relaxing and reading a book?  Whatever it is that you see, the future probably looks pretty exciting! 

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Back to Basics #4

Many people, young and old, don’t have a will, let alone a broader estate plan. Yet an estate plan is important, even for families who are not wealthy.

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Back to Basics #3

While it’s possible to invest in individual stocks, bonds, and other securities, many investors prefer to use investment funds.

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Back to Basics #2

When it comes to investing, there’s a lot of terminology and jargon you might see bandied about by financial professionals or the media. Most of these terms are not hard to understand – but they may seem baffling at first glance.

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